Our Story

Norsu Haus Story

Norsu Haus began with one simple intention:
to make gifting more thoughtful.

Norsu Haus was founded by Veronica Fontaine and Sarah Parkins, who both share a long standing passion for design and creative ventures. Following 15 years in finance and technology, they chose to follow their entrepreneurial dream and created Norsu Haus in 2016. They understand the significance and importance of looking after relationships and how these underpin the success of every business. Genuine engagement leads to greater trust, and long lasting relationships.

Norsu Haus has become the vehicle to inspire thoughtful acts of kindness and heartfelt connections among people. Through this all-too-easy to forget art, they are helping businesses and private clients engage more completely and fully with the important people in their lives, clients, influencers, and employees.

Norsu Haus has worked with fortune 100 companies to small businesses and solopreneurs, in real estate, finance, PR, technology, retail, consulting, luxury hospitality and travel.