Thoughtfully Created

Why Hello! 

We are beyond thrilled to have our first entry published! We have lots of goodies in store for this Journal which we're so excited to share with you - from awesome product and gift discoveries to featured designers and makers who continuously amaze us with their creativity and brilliance. This Journal is where you can come for a behind-the-scenes look at Norsu Haus: how we’re growing, tips and tricks we learned along the way - both in gifting and in start-up life, sharing the good and the not-so-good moments too!

So, a bit about us, in case you were wondering! We both met about a decade ago as colleagues working in finance and technology. We connected over a leadership course where we explored the ‘why we do what we do’ - this led us to watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk on ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’. Well, that’s when things really started to unravel for us (the talk should come with a warning... positive action may occur!). We quickly realized that we shared similar passions and a desire to be more creative and entrepreneurial. After lots of conversation, over a few cups of coffee, and back of the napkin scribbles (more like jots in our Moleskines - yes, that’s us!) we realized we wanted to do something to inspire thoughtfulness and heartfelt connections between people, focused on the art of gift giving. So, with a heap of courage, and lots of passion (and a good supply of coffee!) we created Norsu Haus.

We love the way a gift can connect two people and are excited to help others rediscover the delight in gift giving. We began with our Concierge Gifting Service, where nothing makes us happier than taking care of the intricate details that bring people together over their gift. We're now expanding to launch our online boutique to make it light and easy for more people to send a gift infused with thoughtfulness!

With that, we'll leave you with a few of our favorite things so you can get to know us a little more...

Thoughtfully yours,

Veronica & Sarah