Handwritten Letters Create Connection

There is something special about a handwritten letter. Writing them takes time, but when you do, it feels good. To be on the receiving end of one is even more amazing.  We've all experienced the feeling of receiving a surprise letter. It is an instant awakening to feelings and emotions, and when sent authentically the warmth and connection it delivers and creates is undenied. 

What's in a letter? It's an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. It says I thought of you and wanted to give you some of my day. In fact it says I sat down, took time out, and put words in a card or note - just for you. It's highly personalized and has a sense of generosity and kindness attached to it.  

Here's the thing, letters are a rare commodity these days, and they are worth their weight in gold. Very few people know the secret, and those that do witness incredible responses. An authentically written letter impacts a relationship significantly. Letters make us feel connected to each other. They make the individual who received it feel as though they matter and that they are the most important person in that moment - and they are. They capture moments in time, create and evoke memories, and fuel a long term connection.  When you receive a letter there is a conscious or subconscious sense of wanting to return the thought or action in some way, it's a natural response. It opens the door to the possibility of reciprocation.

Letter are timeless gifts of stories, insights or thoughts. Personally or in business they are active investments into the relationship itself. The impact is noticeable, they make you stand out, they create far more engagement than an email or a printed letter. 

The art of handwritten letters need not be a thing of the past and just a nostalgic nice-to-have. They are a very real way to engage and connect with someone. Not convinced? Try it - choose 3 friends and write to them, choose your top 10 clients and write to them - see how the letters change and enhance the relationship you share. Authentically written letters and cards have such a positive impact on every aspect of a relationship. For those of you in the business world, the ROI is real and quantifiable. It's an easy and simple act that immediately creates connection, loyalty, and commitment.