Curated with love and care

When we have the pleasure of curating and wrapping gifts for our clients we take extra care in tying it altogether. Firstly we find something of beauty in form and make - a 'Love' or 'Happiness' Glassbaby has so much light and joy to it that they are the most beautiful gifts. We then go on to prepare and present in a way that delivers a special touch and moment for the recipient.

When anything arrives at 'The Haus' we inspect it to make sure it's free from any marks and is in pristine condition. We handle with care to ensure finger prints are removed before wrapping with love and attention-to-detail in order to create a gift that is beautiful inside and out. 

All of this is done to reflect the relationship between the gift giver and receiver, with the thought that the strength of a bond can be nurtured through something exquisitely prepared and delivered with joy on behalf of our clients.