Norsu Haus Designers

Created from a place of passion -
each gift is born from true craftsmanship.

The designers we partner with create pieces from a place of passion and life experience - their designs express their own story.  The intentional care of design and quality they pour into each piece is filled with meaning and sincerity. We seek to elevate that story at Norsu Haus. 


We choose independent thoughtful designers and small businesses with stories to share. We curate gifts from designers who reflect true craftsmanship, where their designs show understated elegance, with a modern, yet classic minimalist feel. We search for designs that are beautiful and eye-catching with a simple and lasting feel.

Our boutique reflects a small selection of items from any one designer as we like to keep it easy for you to choose without feeling overwhelmed. We look to establish lasting partnerships with our designers to bring an evolving fresh collection of gifts to you throughout the year. All our gifts are sourced within the U.S. to support artisans within the country where the gift is being delivered. If you are a designer interested to partner with us, please apply here, we would love to hear from you.


The world of online retail comes with many benefits, yet we know that on occasion what you buy doesn’t quite meet expectations in terms of quality and appearance. Our tried-and-true approach aims to give you confidence in the quality and presentation of each item, so that you can be content knowing they are completely gift worthy.

Each piece we introduce into our ‘Haus’ collection we try first. We inspect it, test it, assess the materials, and are aware of how it feels as we use it. We consider how it will last, and see what impression it leaves. We learn about the story of the designer, how they work and operate, and what is important to them.  Once we complete our assessment we welcome the piece into Norsu Haus and give it our tried-and-true seal of approval. 


The designers we have chosen to partner with are picked for the beauty of the designs they create, the quality of the materials they use, and the passion they deliver. They each have their own unique talents that we admire and respect and it is with this attention to their craft that we are honored and delighted to work with them: 

Christina Kober
Jewelry | Tennessee

The jewelry Christina designs is a perfect balance of understated elegance and a touch of playfulness. Through each piece of jewelry, Christina reflects stories and emotions that connect you to moments in your life. Each piece is made from start to finish by Christina and her team. They work hard to create well-designed, quality pieces. We were drawn to Christina’s jewelry for the inspirational messages discreetly designed into a number of her pieces, plus the care and attention that she pours into each one is just the kind of attention to detail we seek. All in all we fell in love with the simplicity, elegance and grace crafted into her jewelry and the way that is bestowed to the wearer. 

Graymarket Design
Accessories | Kentucky

Graymarket Design is a textile company rooted in modern design, casual but high quality products and ethical production. Hallie Gray and her team collaborate with artisans in Jaipur, India, to have original, hand-drawn designs printed in small batches. Hallie began Graymarket in 2013 after studying textile design and becoming fascinated with the hand-crafted textiles she encountered on travels throughout India. We love Graymarket Design for the mission they serve, the modern style they have, and their choice of fabrics and non-toxic printing practices. We are very excited to have them as part of our launch collection. 

Monserat De Lucca 
Accessories | California

Launched from a design studio in Los Angeles, founder Stephanie Lin of Monserat De Lucca found a way to bring delight to owners of her pieces through simple and eye catching bags and accessories. Each piece inspired from her travels around the world. We fell in love with the sparkle of the small pouches, along with the simplicity and softness of each piece. In our “tried and true” phase our pouches transitioned effortlessly from day to evening and became a staple in our tote bags.  When we realized we would love to receive this as a gift from a friend, we knew it would be a welcome piece to the Norsu Haus collection. 

Nourishing Notes
Home | Illinois

Nourishing Notes is a celebration of food! Started by husband and wife team Andy and Julie in 2007, together they design, write, illustrate and produce printed goods for the food obsessed. When we first met Julie we felt as though we had known her for years. Her warmth and good nature clearly abounds through her designs. We chose to bring Nourishing Notes to the Norsu Haus collection for the unique and cheeky, yet well-crafted designs. They make the perfect gifts to stock up on and are handy for those impromptu gatherings or spur of the moment gifts. 

Accessories | Tennessee

Theresa Roth and Bradford Scherick began SuperLoveTees in 2012 with the intention to spread love worldwide. What better mission is that we thought when we spotted their business!  Each SuperLoveTee piece is lovingly made to order, with fair labor practices. The inspirational messages on each carry-all bag is so inline with Norsu Haus we couldn't resist having them as part of our collection.  We found the 100% cotton bags are perfect for carry-on travel or weekend beach trips, not to mention easy shopping bags. We were thrilled that they have a zip too to; it keeps everything nicely contained in the bag. They're lightweight and can be easily flat packed for travel. As the bags age with time each crease gathered on the bag we see as a memory peg of the great trips we've had. 

UURMI Scarves
Accessories | New York

Inspired by her Grandfather in India, designer Sumanta Ghose has created the Uurmi Scarf collection to transport wearers of her scarves to travel to destinations and locations that either the wearer has once visited or has a dream to visit.  Sumanta's Grandfather expressed his creativity through painting and seeing him in his element this lit a flame in Samantha's heart as she followed her creative path through Parson's School of Design and onwards as a fashion designer. Each of her scarves feature a photograph she has taken while traveling. They are then woven and printed in her studio in India before being hand finished by her in New York. We fell in love not only with Sumanta's story and the passion she has, but also the quality and softness of each unique piece. We consistently receive compliments when wearing one of her scarves, and we love the hidden messages of travel and exploration that each one brings.