Norsu Haus Designers

Created from a place of passion -
each gift is born from true craftsmanship.

The designers we partner with create pieces from a place of passion and life experience - their designs express their own story.  The intentional care of design and quality they pour into each piece is filled with meaning and sincerity. We seek to elevate that story at Norsu Haus. 


We choose thoughtful designers and small businesses with stories to share. We curate gifts from designers who reflect true craftsmanship, where their designs show understated elegance, with a modern, yet classic minimalist feel. We search for designs that are beautiful and eye-catching with a simple and lasting feel. We look to establish lasting partnerships with our designers to bring an evolving fresh collection of gifts to you throughout the year. If you are a designer interested to partner with us, please apply here - we would love to hear from you!


The world of online comes with many benefits, yet we know that on occasion what you buy doesn’t quite meet expectations in terms of quality and appearance. Our tried-and-true approach aims to give you confidence in the quality and presentation of each item, so that you can be content knowing they are completely gift worthy.


We work with dozens of designers to curate gift options tailored for our clients.  The designers we have chosen to partner with are picked for the beauty of the designs they create, the quality of the materials they use, and the passion they deliver. They each have their own unique talents that we admire and respect and it is with this attention to their craft that we are honored and delighted to work with them. Below are some designers that we currently feature on our site:

Christina Kober

Graymarket Design

Monserat De Lucca

Nourishing Notes


UURMI Scarves