Our Story

Norsu Haus Story

Norsu Haus began with one simple intention:
to make gifting more thoughtful.

Our passion for giving gifts began at an early age, when finding the ‘perfect’ gift for someone had us willingly devote hours to the cause. We enjoyed finding gifts that spoke to the relationships we shared - that not only wowed, but deeply touched the other person.  Whether it was something we created ourselves, or scoured neighborhood and online shops for, we relished in the intrigue and excitement in celebrating relationships through gifts.

That’s not to say it was always easy.  As life got busier with demanding careers, growing families and a network of friends, colleagues, and clients around the globe, it became a constant struggle to keep up with remembering birthdays, sending cards, and finding a gift to make a celebration remarkable. Despite our hectic lives, we still wanted to thoughtfully mark special occasions for the people we cared about most; that’s when we set out to create Norsu Haus.

After over 15 years in our corporate careers, our paths serendipitously crossed and we quickly discovered that we shared similar passions with bursting entrepreneurial spirits. So we took a leap of faith, left our jobs and began the journey to make gift giving simple, fun, and thoughtful by creating an end-to-end gift service. Our Concierge services offer a refined and customized gifting experience translating sentiments and stories into gifts that create a standout experience. While our online boutique showcases a sampling of curated items to allow our customers to easily choose a gift in a pinch, have confidence in the quality, and know that it will be wrapped and delivered with care. We are meticulous about the details so that you don’t have to be.

We're delighted that you are here and hope you are inspired to celebrate your relationships through the art of thoughtful gifting.






Veronica Fontaine & Sarah Parkins
Co-Founders & Couriers of Thoughtfulness