Norsu Haus Story

our mission is to inspire meaningful connections
in simple and beautiful ways.

A gift is a reflection of who we are and the relationships we have. It is a physical expression of a sentiment with the power to nourish and strengthen a connection.  A gift is as much about the actual item, as it is about how it's created and presented, and the story it evokes between us.

That’s why we have designed Norsu Haus in the way we have - with purpose and passion to inspire deeper and lasting connections with each other. We consider every detail of every piece, every inspiration that a gift may offer, and what stories can be told. We know that presentation matters and beautifully wrap and finish each gift with special care and attention to detail. We simplify what goes into sending a gift so that everyone can delight in the gifting experience. 


The words we chose celebrate the relationships we share all over the world and infuse qualities we admire. “Norsu” is the Finnish word for “elephant” – extraordinary animals that look after one another and have incredible memories. They are strong, wise and powerful creatures with a deep gentleness. The simplicity and eye-catching nature of Nordic design also inspires us on our quest for beautiful gifts. “Haus” is the German word for “house”, to honor the place where people gather, memories are created and a home is made.