The Hidden Superpower of Handwriting

There is something magical about receiving a handwritten card - a thought that came to me this week as I opened an unexpected ‘just because’ letter from a dear friend. We’ve sent each other countless letters over the years so I can spot her handwriting with ease. When the envelope peeked out from behind the others I eagerly reached for it with intrigue and delight.

For me, reading something handwritten almost defies the laws of time and space. As I read her letter, I found myself instantly ported into the same room as her. Handwriting is like a fingerprint - it’s completely unique, and because of that I can hear my friend speaking; each word is like a firefly guiding me along a path leaving a warm glowing trail in my heart. Each time I look at the card I am reminded of her and all the things we share; whether it be a week, month, or even years later, it’s as if the same magic occurs again - I instantly feel connected to her.

Handwritten notes are more than just words on a page - it feels good to see handwriting, even more so than typed text; why? Perhaps it's the subconscious understanding of the choices someone made to prepare the letter. They first found the time to sit and write, they picked the ink color, the pen, and the paper. It's also the only letter that exists - it is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. It's also not instantly received, anticipation builds as the letter wings it's way to the recipient. As individuals we love to feel connection, we love to feel a partnership with someone else. So I wonder, does handwriting remind us of what we share and offer us an unexplained warm glow that just makes us feel good? 

Try experimenting this week, see if you feel anything different in handwriting a note to a family member, a friend, or a colleague. It doesn't have to be long, a quick hello will work, and what's more; see how they respond to your note. We think you might be pleasantly surprised! The art of letter writing comes with a hidden superpower; it stands the test of time, and offers a chance to be more connected with each other.