Norsu Haus Concierge

Create a remarkable gifting experience
in a way that reflects your story.

How do you want your recipients to feel - important, inspired, valued, appreciated, welcomed, loved? Our Concierge service translates sentiments and stories into gifts to create a standout experience.  With branding and personalization options, along with access to a wide selection of high quality gifts, we offer a truly custom gifting experience to meet your unique business or personal needs. 

We handle the finest aspects of gifting - from idea creation to design, sourcing, wrapping and delivery, saving you valuable time and energy so that you can relax and focus on the important aspects of your business and personal events. 

Business Occasions

Whether prospects, clients, employees or business partners - they are all integral to the success of your business. The strength and quality of these connections matter, and we can help to deepen your important relationships in heartfelt ways that resonate with them. For your business occasions and events, big and small, we prepare unique gifts that impart a sense of commitment, trust, and wellbeing into your relationships.

Personal Events

From extraordinary dinner parties to bridal showers, we provide a unique gifting sensibility to make your personal celebration an affair to remember. What better way for your guests to savor the memories of your event for years to come. We recognize the quality of what you give reflects who you are, and with that every aspect of our recommendations and work for you is done with utmost attention to care, quality and detail. 

Further Services

We offer a variety of gifting services to further elevate the experience for you and your recipients:

  • Custom gift wrap and finish, with or without Norsu Haus branding.

  • Custom designed notecards, gift tags, seals, invites and other stationery products.

  • Handwritten and calligraphy finishing touches.

  • Client segmentation gifting advice for a truly differentiated client experience.

  • Report services for regulated industries where thresholds and reporting matters. Our report services help keep track of your yearly gifting.

Our Approach

  1.  Explore -  In a complimentary consultation share your gift needs and ideas with us.

  2.  Concept - We prepare a set of inspiring gift ideas for your consideration.

  3.  Create - You choose, then we source, prepare, and beautifully wrap your gifts.

  4.  Deliver - We prepare and package your gifts with care and deliver to your desired destination.

  5.  Shine - Be content knowing you invested in and nourished your relationships!


"Norsu Haus has the taste you wish you had. I've used them for gift-giving, big and small, and they deliver a lasting impression.  Their thoughtfulness and attention to detail is unmatched and they made me look way more thoughtful and less busy than I am!  Their gifts leave smiles and have strengthened my relationships." - Eric (Wealth Management)


“Norsu Haus gifts have a timeless presence of refinement and gentility that resonate with our clients and friends. They have a devotion to the art of gift giving.” - Lizzy (Real Estate)